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05 MARCH 2018


Battle of Minds challenges you to put together a team, form an original business plan and compete with students across the globe. It’s a huge opportunity to show us why you’re the future of business, testing your desire to collaborate and determination to win. Research your market, develop a product idea and convince us of its success, and your prize will be a prestigious three to six-month internship at BAT. This will be a paid job, making you an important part of the exciting projects taking place at our company. The experience and exposure to senior figures this gives you is exceptional, because if you’re successful, you’ll have the chance to become one of our global graduates!

All you need to do is show us what makes you BAT material. Leadership and desire to be a top-performer are good qualities, but to really succeed in this challenge, you should prove you work well with people who have different abilities and perspectives. They can be friends or classmates; you simply have to team up with students who, like yourself, are driven and possess a variety of business skills. BAT is an international company with employees from all over the world. Our strength, as one of the FTSE5 companies, lies in working together to produce extraordinary, new ideas. Now it’s your turn to do the same!

Life-Changing Experience

World Map

Win An Internship

Join us, learn more with world-class professionals for mentors and get your career off to an incredible start. An internship with BAT will prepare you for our Global Graduate Programme – and from there the sky is the limit!

Make Connections

Network with senior leaders in our business. Gain exposure most people only dream of and meet current interns who will tell you what it’s really like to progress in a highly diverse, global company.

Fly To London

Winning teams from each global region will visit our international HQ, all-expenses-paid! Come and see how one of the world’s most successful businesses is transforming an industry.

Transform An Industry

This will both challenge you and ignite your passion, resilience and desire to mastermind projects on an international scale. To reach the top of your game and become an intern at one of the most thriving businesses on the planet, you need to be able to assess markets and discover what they’re missing. What do customers want? How can we give it to them? This is what we constantly ask ourselves. Being competitive in saturated markets and revolutionising customers’ experiences is what BAT is all about – just look at our investment in Next Generation Products such as Vype and Glo. But, now it’s your turn to develop a unique product or service that overcomes your competition’s ideas, and shape an innovative yet realistic business plan around it. While the following briefs are fictional and don’t reflect what we do as a business, they have been designed to work in theory and test your ability to build a business from a single great idea. Please choose ONE of them to focus on:

Your Challenges

Rickshaw Revolution

Also known as a tuk-tuk in Thailand, the rickshaw is a three-wheeled vehicle used to taxi passengers across India and the Asia-Pacific region. For decades, it’s been essential for travelling through urban congestion, but it could be modernised with the aid of GPS and application-based technology. Capitalise on this opportunity before somebody else does. How will you build your network? What separates you from the big taxi app companies like Uber?

Flipping The Scales

As far as flip flops go, Havaianas – the home-grown Brazilian brand – is an international sensation and isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. But it’s your mission to design some footwear that competes for the attention of its loyal customers. Do you go in with a different price point? Are your designs more adventurous or the materials better? Or will you invent a totally new form of footwear that better serve a purpose? It’s up to you whether to focus on the Brazilian market, or follow their lead and go global.

Play To Learn

The gaming industry is a multi-billion-pound industry, but what if it could be profitable and beneficial? People in countries across Europe play a lot of games, but those games do not always have a strategic or knowledge-enhancing purpose. Can you develop a game that’s modern, exciting and helps people learn without realising they’re doing it? Target an age group (from 18years +), discuss the subject matter and show us the features of the game itself. What market are you launching it in and how will it be delivered?

Witness The Fitness

Fitness is an enormous money-making market, with incredibly popular products like the Fitbit merging health and style. But not everybody is bothered. With huge investment in technology, convenience services and fancy cars, people throughout some of the world’s richer countries have become less physically active. Choose a market and invent an innovative new fitness product they can’t resist. How will you convince them to change their lifestyle?

How Does It Work?


We inspire talented businesspeople of all specialties. All of whom work hard to become leaders in their individual fields. So to impress our judges, your team must demonstrate a variety of talents. If you’re a great marketeer, it might be better to join forces with a research whizz and a numbers guru. Think broadly about the possibilities your brief contains and master the essential skills needed to set up a thriving business.

Every few days, we’ll email your team the next area of your business plan to focus on. These emails will contain exclusive video master-classes from real BAT experts so you can acquire some highly valuable career advice and have the best shot at winning this competition.

Assemble Your Business Partners

First, you register below. Then the game begins. Your team must consist of two or three people including yourself – so recruit your friends or classmates, and sign them up, too. Whether they’re Accounting, Business Studies or Marketing students, just ensure they have the right skills and show us you’re clear on each of your roles.

Discover What You're Up Against

Next is market research. Once you’ve chosen your business brief, you’ll explore who your customers are, as well as your competitors. What products are already on the market? What pricing, trends or regulations are in place that could affect how you do business? You need evidence to support your claims.

Think Creatively

Product development should be tailored to your audience. If you’re starting up in a market that’s saturated, or has little demand for your products/services, how will you innovate to make them more attractive? Is it their aesthetic value? The convenience they provide? What’s your USP? The designs can be basic, but the features should be clear.

Decide How The Show Is Run

Imagine you’re an Ops Director. Think about the kind of business you’re running and your means of distribution. Is it E-commerce or will you open actual stores? Who are your suppliers? Consider the costs, risks and rewards associated with these key factors – employee salaries, running costs, etc.

Perfect Your Marketing

Time to get some market share. You need a brand – a name, values and advertising. What media will you use to communicate with your target market? Do you have any ideas for product promotions? Be effective, be innovative; but also remember there are financial limitations here, too.

A Million Dollar Idea

Finally, you need to cost up your business plan. Deliver your financial projections in the clearest, most professional manner. What are your outgoings and what do you expect to make after your first year of trading? How will your business grow over the next five years? With numbers, it’s better to be honest than to stretch the truth.

Film Your Business Pitch & Upload It Here

Once you’ve completed your business plan, you must pitch it to us on camera and upload it, along with a written document detailing your entire business plan. Get ready to battle it out with the greatest up-and-coming business minds on the planet and fight to earn your place at BAT!

Share On Social Media For A & Better Chance To Win!

Once we've received your video, our judges will award points based on the ideas outlined in your business plan. But business is also about reaching out to your community and gaining support. So, after we’ve vetted your video and uploaded it to our website, share it with friends on your social channels and we’ll give you bonus points for any extra votes!